It’s almost that time again, as the summer break comes to a close and school is about to start
up again. What did you do this off-season to improve your skills as an athlete looking to obtain
a full-ride scholarship? Maybe you attended a camp or worked out with your high school team
the last few weeks awaiting try-outs and the season to begin. Growing up I would always
question this; I also questioned what other girls were doing to become a better player or
teammate over the break. I remember going to ASU games down in Tempe, Arizona and
watching those girls play volleyball and only dreaming of being able to jump as high as they did,
magnifying how intense and strong their blocks were. Then it all hit me at once, they were
disciplined and dedicated.

We need to remember as humans that we are the dictators of our lives and we have the
freedom to be really fantastic at anything we put our minds to. As athletes we put in a lot of
work all year round, with school teams, club teams, and all the gym time those commitments entail. Sure, you get a lot of court time and your hands on the ball frequently – but how much power do you
have? Can you jump high? How quick are your feet? are you fueling your body correctly? These
are the factors that make a player go from good to unstoppable. Someone who is taking all
factors into their game goes beast mode on the court.

Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it. It’s
thinking you’re doing enough, but doing extra. It’s not allowing excuses to get in the way of
your personal mission. You will never see change if your routine stays the same. I would much
rather live a disciplined lifestyle then regret not working as hard as humanly possible to
obtain my dreams, because at some point it may be too late. Dedication and discipline go
hand-in-hand. Dedication is the act of working really hard.

Here at The Athlete Project we are looking for young athletes ready to take their game to the
next level. Our one-on-one sessions are designed to challenge areas of your game that need
improvement. You only see change when you change. One-on-one time is so personal and so
custom to the athlete in the session, it is game-changing. Turn on the TV and watch these
college girls play volleyball, watch tournaments that are filmed in the sand on various
beaches. Watching, seeing, and feeling the power behind these players is so motivating. I
want to give you that power behind your serve, block, spike, etc. Let’s feed your body the
foods through nutritional coaching, to give you the energy you need so you can be solid for
every match. There is no such thing as days off! Let’s do work now, and rest later.

Let’s peel your game apart and see where you need to make changes or improvements. We
have several tools we utilize to show and teach each athlete where they are now, and the
ability to educate our athletes on where we are going to take them. Come fly with us!