Well, it’s the beginning of the school year and not only are we out school shopping and trying to figure out who our teachers will be this year, but try-outs for our athletes are among us. I want our athletes to really think about all aspects of a try-out and be diligent in their preparation.

Regardless of skill level, you must hustle, as this could be the sole reason you do not make the squad; hustling is not optional. You may be a sensational athlete and get the job done, but is there a player who is just as good? Hustle to and from drills, to and from water breaks, always be in the ready position. Hustle could be the reason you make the team and the other player doesn’t. Never leave any doubt in the coach’s mind about your willingness to hustle.

Energy and attitude are everything – I could be on a court losing a game or just having a bad game but, with great positive energy amongst the team, new opportunities to dictate outcomes become possible. We encourage you to be the one to pick everybody up, and lead your teammates by example. High five you teammates when they do something great or not so great! Celebrate together after an ace or a point. Not only does this keep the moral of the team up, but it keeps you connected and on the same page.

So some of you out there already had try-outs last week…What team did you make? Are you a freshman playing freshman ball or a freshman playing JV or Varsity? Did you land the spot you wanted to? No matter what team you ended up on, great job in accomplishing your goal!

I would like for you to take some time alone and think about what could have been done differently to make the JV or Varsity team? Consider these points below:

  • Did I train in the off-season?
  • Did I get on a nutrition plan?
  • Did I get faster with training?
  • Has my vertical improved?
  • Did I polish my court skills or learn anything new since last season?

Athletes: if you are questioning any of the above, please reach out to The Athlete Project. Let’s setup a time to evaluate your skill set and come up with a custom training plan for improvement. It’s never too soon push yourself out of your comfort zone…Let’s get it!